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(12 May 2016)


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To Shareholders and to those who may be pro-active Investors. 

The Company has chosen Clunes Goldfield as worthy of work towards renewal of the whole field. 

This is a Victorian gold project; it is proceeding in tandem with active work at Glenfine, also in Victoria.

The following articles relating to Clunes, the Goldfield, were published recently on NSX Announcements platform.

Any vein system with real in-place evidence of multiple veining, which includes ore sources, should be regarded as an attractive drilling target.

The public record of gold yields from historic mines at Clunes provides continued, repeated evidence of this type of vein system.

The drilling record of the Company so far extends this evidence - see for example, NSX 17 April, 2015.

Incomplete work by others (1996) adds to the prospect - see data re-published on NSX 4 August, 2015.|

Clunes is a goldfield whose productive years were simply suspended.

Drilling anew will assist the Company in retention of these present holdings.

One recognized constraint to progress is evident in the multiplicity of categories for real estate at Clunes - there are 10 different classes of land in the desired working area.

These 10 types are on the public record -- see within Western Mining Corporation M L 903.1 of 236.9 ha. While this lease was abandoned in year 1988, the land title issues of that time continue to bear on actions under the present laws applicable to exploration of Clunes sub-surface. 

The re-development of Clunes Goldfield can be predicted - eventually there will be agreed access to sufficient parts of the land surface. 

The Company activities at Glenfine demonstrate persistence, and innovation, as well as much-appreciated directed financial support from certain shareholders.

On behalf of Directors

F.L. Hunt

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